A Newspaper Mistake That Really Should Never Happen

So in July, the Cambridge News announced it was making seven journalists (including four on the design team) redundant. A year before that, owner Trinity Mirror made another seven posts redundant at the same paper.

So what happened at the paper today? It went to press without remembering to include its front page splash story – you know, the one that is meant to be the most important of all the stories that day.

The paper’s editor in chief David Bartlett (who, curiously, is followed by former US president Barack Obama) told readers: “I want to sincerely apologise to our readers for this mistake which happened due to a technical problem.

“We are still looking into how this happened and want our readers to know we take this seriously.”

The Cambridge News covered its own error (using a picture of one edition in which the proper story did appear) and claimed it was all down to a “technical problem”. Yes, I guess technically there was a problem…a big problem.



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