The day Gregg shorthand solved a mysterious death

I‘d never heard of the city of Oneonta (New York) before.

But apparently it is a place where a sound knowledge of Gregg shorthand can help you solve a mysterious death…

There’s a great anecdote in the Oneonta Daily Star about a case in which detectives found some vital evidence, but it was written in shorthand.

“Oneonta police some years ago investigated the death of a woman who had been living at a local hotel. Officers were trying to locate relatives and other information about her but ran into a challenge, according to Chief Douglas Brenner.

City police found some personal papers, Brenner said, but couldn’t read the writing because notes were in shorthand.

Brenner said he remembered that his mother, Lois Brenner, knew Gregg shorthand, a skill she used during her career, and he asked her for help. No problem. She was able to read the notes and provide information that helped the funeral home with arrangements and details to resolve the case, the police chief said.”

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