The bookstore find: A Bible written entirely in shorthand

A copy of the King James Bible written in Pitman shorthand has been found sitting in an Arundel bookshop by a former journalist. Graeme Patfield, a PR director, came across the tome at Kim’s Bookshop.

The Chichester Observer tells how Mr Patfield, having learned Teeline, could not read the book.

“It’s totally bizarre,” he told the paper, “It was not Teeline and I’m a Teeline boy so I couldn’t read it.

“I was just going for lunch when I was a bit early,” Graeme decided he would take a look around Kim’s Bookshop to pass the time, “It’s an amazing little bookshop that just goes up and up and up. You could easily spend an afternoon in there.

“I thought it might be God trying to convert me but if he was he would have done it in Teeline.”

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