The 1915 diary: A challenge for Pitman’s users

A woman is trying to find out what her great-great-uncle wrote in his diary in the years before his untimely death in the First World War, reports Nottinghamshire Live.

Amy Abethell is facing one significant hurdle: The diary – which was written in 1915 – is in shorthand.

The note appears to be Pitman New Era, but without context and the fact it was written by a very young man at the time, those trying to decipher it are making slow (but steady) progress.

Ms Abethell said on Twitter: “There’s quite a few pages in the book.

“If he’s written in the book on the days it is dated then he’ll only be 15ish. (We think he joined up in 1918). It’s might be just a shopping list.”

Well, it doesn’t appear to be a shopping list. There is mention of ailments and seeing a number of people.

Ms Abethell told how the diary has been kept by her dad, Roland, 67, at his home in Hull.

It is understood the diary features around 76 pages and was kept in a drawer.

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