Teeline Outline of the Week: As a result

More moons ago than I care to remember, my shorthand teacher taught me the grouping for ‘as a result’. It was, I felt, a rather nifty bit of squiggledge that I was very unlikely to ever use. I mean who actually says ‘as a result’?

How very wrong I was. This simple outline has become a mainstay of my word grouping arsenal.

No, real, normal people do not use it in every day speech. But go to pretty much any press conference or presentation and you will find the phrase ‘as a result’ thrown around like verbal confetti.

It is a real ‘breather’ grouping, which, given its speed/spoken work ratio, allows you to make up solid ground in catching up with the speaker.

A true gem of an outline this one. As a result, it is the outline of the week.


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