Out There: Shorthand Videos

After writing a previous post I got thinking about other shorthand-related videos that might be out there on the WWW.

So, I searched for “shorthand” on YouTube and awaited the results. I’m not entirely sure it was such a great idea.

One of the top results is a slightly bizarre nine-minute advert for Edison shorthand machines. Basically the plot is this – chaos in the office, Edison machine aquired, everybody happy (and as the ad tells you, it’s not even 5pm!).

Then there’s a shorthand class, the camera work is somewhat fuzzy, dictation material is read out and then read back…

The clearest videos I came across was a lady reading back her (very neat) notes to camera, and some rather nice note-taking from Portuguese dictation (like the use of the pencil, not sure about the ever increasing shift from the left of the page, over the margin, to the right) and this one with ball-point, again, from Portuguese dictation. In fact there’s another one, from the same uploader, which gives an excellent view of shorthand being taken down – this one is actually really good, the outlines are the right side the hand movement appears exemplary.

Then there’s this very short lesson in Alpha Shorthand.
I’ll confess to knowing very little about Alpha Shorthand other than that, like Teeline, it appears to be based around an alphabet system and proponents claim it is easy to learn…

For those interested in court reporting, this might be of interest.
For those interested in court reporting, but like to see their court reporters wheeled onto a stage set with performing music, this might be of interest.

All in all, it would appear there is still scope for high quality online shorthand video content. I really look forward to seeing it in the future…!

Oh, and I must also say that my attention was drawn to a great video by the MSN Gregg Shorthand group. It’s of Michael Lista effortlessly streaming across a page at 120wpm using Gregg.

Excellent camera positioning makes his work really clear, and the audio is pretty clear too so you can actually understand his notetaking.

More vids like on the web will make the world a happier place!

Michael said in a message to the group:

“For some reason my hand is just walking really well today. I’ve usually stuck with liquid inks for writing shorthand, but theres something about ballpoints.

“Maybe the extra friction of the pigment-based ink helps to control your hand movements and you don’t ’spin out of control’ as much. Also I finally used the 2 column steno pad layout which I really think made a difference.”

Anyway, here’s the link.

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