It’s shorthand Jim, but not as we know it…

A short story: Sports reporter posts his game notes on Twitter and people go nuts.

Now the longer story. Toronto-based reporter Blake Murphy shared an image of his match notes from a Toronto Raptors game against the Portland Trail Blazers.

The shorthand he uses is entirely his own creation – a mixture of numbers, ticks, letters and time stamps.

His output might not be one for the shorthand purists out there. But for him, it works. And that’s ultimately what shorthand is there for.

Blake himself sums his system up perfectly: “Yeah, it’s all shorthand of points of emphasis for my re-watch.

“It’s not that complicated, it just looks like shit.”

He’s been somewhat taken back by the responses – which have ranged from awe to suggestions he’s the Zodiac killer. Oh, and 16,000 Twitter likes so far.

“I have three notebooks full of this,” he said. “I really did not think people would care.”

Three notebooks, I said to myself, that’s nothing mate.

Some responders wanted to reassure Blake that he was not alone, and posted their own work.

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