Whether you’re a journalist, a secretary or simply use shorthand for work or play, Shorthandia (intended as a pun on the series Portlandia…) is your one-stop site for shorthand dictation pieces, news, tips and features.

Despite the dramatic rise of digital technologies and recording systems, shorthand learning has never had it so good.

Record numbers of people worldwide are learning this amazing skill, which dates back to classical Greece and earlier.

Many people might be prompted to ask why? And they’d be right to ask, though it’s tricky to answer.

Maybe it’s because people like learning a skill. Perhaps it’s because journalists need shorthand to cover courts. Perhaps it’s simply because shorthand can be used anywhere, in pretty much any conditions and, let’s face it, we don’t have batteries built into us so, unlike electrical recording devices, we can’t run out of power.

For those learning shorthand, the name of the game is speed-building. Improving shorthand speed and accuracy is the greatest challenge, and Shorthandia is here to help.We’ve got learning tips for Teeline, Pitman and Gregg, articles, MP3s (I sadly still remember the tapes…), shorthand books, shorthand products and free shorthand demonstration dictation tests to help you in your quest to boost your shorthand speed.

Because learning shorthand never ceases – even for the most proficient practitioners – we’ve also got a section where shorthand users can learn new skills and share their experiences and tips with each other.

We hope you enjoy using Shorthandia, and we wish you every success in your shorthand endeavours.

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