A Christmas Carol in Gregg Shorthand?

You may or may not have heard of Rider University in the US. What I did not know until very recently was that the university’s archivists have been busily digitizing its collection of shorthand materials. And, wow, what a collection.

“This is probably our most famous special collection,” said Julia Telonidis, Moore Library’s archives specialist, in a news post on the university website.

“It consists of a lot of different works in shorthand and many of them are instruction manuals.

Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol written in shorthand
Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol written in shorthand

“There are hundreds and hundreds of different types of shorthand and the main ones are represented here.”

The collection found its home at Rider because of its relationship with John Robert Gregg Fund.

“A lot of the materials came to us in the late ’80s and ’90s because Leslie was the vice president of the Gregg Shorthand Company,” said archivist and librarian Robert Congleton. “He collected shorthand material throughout his life and, after he died, the foundation decided to grant us the collection.”

“We have 365 shorthand works digitized and on our website,” said Telonidis. “There’s a lot more, so we’re still working on adding to it.”

The collection, which includes works by Charles Dickens, is incredible.

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